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Category Icon Overflow & Waste Pipe Fittings
Product Available Sizes
Straight Couplings overflow / 32mm / 40mm
45 deg Bends
90 deg Knuckle Bends
Waste Pipe Clips
Equal Tees overflow
Straight Tap Connectors
Bent Tap Connectors
Overflow Stand Pipe
90 deg Conversion Bends 32mm / 40mm
Swept Tees
End Plugs
Universal Washer Packs
Flushpipe Nut O-Rings
Straight Hose Connector
Bent Hose Connector
Reducing Couplings 40x32mm
WT Waste Reducers
Flexi Waste Pipe 600mm length
Inline Pedestal Traps 32x76mm
Bottle Traps 32x76mm / 40x76mm
Low-Level Bath / Shower Traps
Swivel P-Traps
Swivel S-Traps
Adjustable P-Trap 40x76mm
Double Appliance Trap
Washing Machine Trap
Trap Adaptor
Trap Inlet Extender
Chrome-plated Shower Trap 19mm
Basin Waste 1.1/4"
Vanity Waste
Sink Wastes 1.1/4" / 1.1/2" / 1.1/2 x 3.1/2"
Sink Kit 1.1/2"
Bath Waste
Bath Waste with Overflow
Basket Strainer Waste