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Category Icon Pipe, Clips & Flex Connectors


Product Available Lengths
Copper Pipe 15mm 1m / 2m / 3m
Copper Pipe 22mm
Speedfit Plastic Pipe 15mm 2m
Speedfit Plastic Pipe 22mm
Overflow Pipe 21.5mm
Waste Pipe 32mm
Waste Pipe 40mm


Product Available Sizes
Nail Pipe Clips 15mm pack x10 /
22mm pack x5
Open Pipe Clips
Talon Lock Pipe Clips
Copper Saddle Pipe Clips
Chrome-Plated Saddle Clips 15mm pack x10 only
Overflow Pipe Clips pack x4

Flex Connectors

Product Size Fitting Available Lengths
Tap Tails (pair) 15mm M10 300mm
Tap Connectors 15mm x 1/2" Compression 300mm / 300mm with iso valve
Push-fit 300mm / 500mm
15mm x 3/4" Compression 300mm
Push-fit 300mm / 500mm
22mm x 3/4" Compression 300mm / 500mm
Push-fit 300mm / 300mm with iso valve / 500mm
Tube-to-Tube Connectors 15x15mm Compression 300mm
22x22mm Compression 500mm
Push-fit 300mm
Washing Machine Inlet Hose - Blue 1.5m / 2.5m
Washing Machine Inlet Hose - Red
Washing Machine Outlet Hose