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Following clarification of the Government's restrictions on business as of 23 March, our classification as a 'home and hardware shop' means we are allowed to remain open subject to certain limitations (this document, end of page 3).

  • SANDHURST: at Kings DIY we pride ourselves on good customer service and on working together with our local community, and we hope to continue this during these difficult times by running a phone-and-collect service from Monday to Friday to help our locals get the essential items they need.  From 9 am to 1 pm we will be taking orders over the phone ready for collection starting from 1:30 pm.  We ask customers to arrive at the given time slot with their order number ready and plenty of free boot space.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any cutting, paint mixing or delivery services.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • TADLEY: this branch will remain open for the foreseeable future.  For the health of our staff and customers, in line with Government advice on social distancing, we are limiting entry to 4 customers in the shop at a time.
Category Icon Light Bulbs
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General-Purpose Tungsten Light Bulbs & Tungsten Reflector Spots

Manufacture and import of most tungsten light bulbs was shut down in early 2016, and our suppliers' stockpiles have now run out.

Mains-Voltage Halogen Bulbs, Spotlights and Capsules

Product Fittings Available Wattages Price
Halogen Candle BC / ES / SBC / SES 18W / 28W / 42W £2.99
Halogen Golf Ball
Halogen GLS BC / ES 28W / 42W / 70W / 105W
Halogen R50 Reflector Spotlights SES 28W £3.99
Halogen R64 Reflector Spotlights ES 42W
Halogen R80 Reflector Spotlights 42W / 70W
Halogen MR16 Spotlights GU10 20W / 35W / 50W £2.99
Mains Halogen Capsules G9 18W / 28W / 42W (replaces 25W / 40W / 60W)

Low-Voltage Halogen Bulbs

Product Fittings Available Wattages
Dichroic MR16 Spotlights GX5.3 20W / 35W / 50W
Mini Halogen Spotlights GU4 20W / 35W
Halogen Capsules 10W / 20W
GY6.3 50W

Special-Purpose Light Bulbs

Product Fittings Available Wattages
Oven Lamps (heat resistant to 300 Celsius) SES 15W / 25W / 40W
Cooker Hood Lamps 40W
Daylight Bulbs BC 60W
Fireglow Bulbs 40W / 60W
Nightlight Bulbs 10W
SES / E12 7W

Fluorescent Tubes, Strip Lights and Link Lights

Product Lengths Available Wattages
range of fluorescent tubes up to 8' length
Striplite (clear / opal) 221mm / 284mm 30W / 60W
Striplite low-energy (white) 221mm 5W / 7W
Link Light Triphosphor Tubes 220mm 6W
341mm 10W
468mm 16W
567mm 20W
Link Light Fittings 275mm, for 220mm tube 6W
392mm, for 341mm tube 10W
520mm, for 468mm tube 16W
620mm, for 567mm tube 20W

Which Fitting?

Please note that different bulb manufacturers use different naming schemes for the traditional fitting types:
  • BC = B22 = large Bayonet fitting
  • ES = E27 = large Edison Screw fitting
  • SBC = B15 = small Bayonet
  • SES = E14 = small Edison Screw
There are several other more modern fittings used mainly for halogen lamps:
  • G4 and GY6.35: straight-pin fittings for low-voltage halogen capsules and mini spotlights
  • GX5.3: straight-pin fittings for low-voltage halogen spotlights
  • G9: looped-pin fittings for mains-voltage halogen capsules
  • GU10: twist-lock fittings for mains-voltage halogen spotlights
'MR' codes don't refer to the fitting; they refer to the size of reflector at the front end of the lamp:
  • MR11: mini spots, approx 35mm front diameter
    • low-voltage MR11s use G4 fittings
    • mains MR11s use GU10 fittings
  • MR16: standard spots, 50mm front diameter
    • low-voltage MR16s use GX5.3 fittings
    • mains MR16s use GU10 fittings