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Kings DIY Tadley, 1 The Parade, Mulfords Hill, Tadley, Hants RG26 3LG - Tel: 0118 9813826

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Our classification as a 'home and hardware shop' means we are allowed to remain open (this PDF, end of page 3).  For the health of our staff and customers, in line with Government advice on social distancing, we are limiting entry to 3 customers in the shop at a time.

  • TADLEY: this branch will remain open as usual for the foreseeable future.
  • SANDHURST: we are now open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Mon-Sat and 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Sun, and we are able to provide timber cutting, key cutting, and paint mixing services.  Please note that we are operating the Timber Yard as a separate entity with its own queue, and we cannot currently provide delivery services.
  • PAYMENTS: please note that we CANNOT accept Amex or cash payments at present - thank you for your patience and understanding.  However, we can now accept Contactless card payments up to £45, and Android / Apple Pay up to £100.

  • The following items are currently out of stock at our Sandhurst branch:
    • Several colours from the Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care and Ducksback ranges
    • Grow Bags; Topsoil; Bark Chips (possibly back in on Thursday)
    • John Innes No. 1 and No. 3 Composts
    • Building & Sharp Sands; Mortar Mix
    • 10mm & 20mm Gravel / Shingle (possibly back in on Friday)
    • Artex; Plaster; Drywall Jointing Compound
    • Several sizes of PSE - phone for details
    • 13kg Calor Patio Propane bottles cannot currently be bought new; we can only exchange them like-for-like
Category Icon Compression Fittings for Copper Pipe
Product Available Sizes
Straight Couplings 8mm / 10mm / 15mm / 15mm pack x5 / 22mm
Elbows 8mm / 10mm / 15mm / 15mm pack x5
Compression Olives 8mm / 10mm / 15mm / 22mm
Equal Tees
Stop Ends
Compression Fitting Nuts 15mm / 22mm
Blanking Discs
Burst Repair Coupling 15mm
Reducing Couplings 22x15mm
Reducing Sets 15x10mm / 22x15mm
Reducing Tees 22x15x15mm / 22x15x22mm / 22x22x15mm
Straight Tank Connectors 15mm x 1/2" / 22mm x 3/4"
Straight Tap Connectors 15mm x 1/2" / 15mm x 3/4"
Bent Tap Connectors 15mm x 1/2"
Wallplate Elbows
Comp/Threaded Couplings 15mm x 1/2" Male / 15mm x 1/2" Female / 15mm x 3/4" Male / 22mm x 3/4" Male
Comp/Threaded Elbows 15mm x 1/2" Male / 15mm x 1/2" Female

Chrome-Plated Compression Fittings

Product Available Sizes
Straight Couplings 15mm
Equal Tees
End Caps 1/2" / 3/4"
Straight Tap Connectors 15mm x 1/2"
Comp/Threaded Couplings 15mm x 1/2" Male / 15mm x 1/2" Female

Valves & Stopcocks

Product Available Sizes
Isolating Valves 15mm / 15mm chrome-plated/ 22mm chrome-plated
Lever Valves 15mm chrome-plated
Straight Service Valves
Angled Service Valves 15mm x 1/2" chrome-plated
Drain-Off Cock 15mm
Heavy-Pattern Draw-Off Cock 1/2"
Hose Union Tail
Bibcock BS1010
Bibcheck BS6862
Single Check Valves 15mm / 22mm
Gate Valves