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LED: Light Emitting Diode

Kings DIY offer a growing range of top-quality LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps, able to replace traditional tungsten, halogen, or compact fluorescent lamps for household illumination.  All of these lamps are 2700K Warm White unless stated otherwise.  * = Illustrated item.

Advantages of our new LED lamps include:

  • 80% to 90% energy saving compared to traditional lamps - uses the same energy as a compact fluorescent, or even less
  • Operational lifetimes of up to 25 years (based on 25,000 hours total, at an average 1,000 hours per year)
  • Instant activation - no need to wait for your lights to warm up
  • Elegant appearance - sizes and shapes comparable to traditional tungsten or halogen lamps

Our LED Lighting Range: Candles & Golf Balls

Crompton Filament LED Opal Candle
Lamp Type Power Lumen Output Equivalent to Fittings Price
BELL / TCP Golf Ball, Opal 4/5W 250/330 lm 25/30W BC / ES / SES £3.99
BELL / TCP Candle, Opal BC / ES / SBC / SES
BELL / TCP Candle, Clear
Crompton Dimmable Filament Golf Ball,
Opal or Clear
5W 470 lm 40W £5.99
Crompton Dimmable Filament Candle,
Opal * or Clear
Crompton 4000K Cool White Golf Ball, Opal BC / ES / SES £4.99
Crompton 4000K Cool White Candle, Opal

Our LED Lighting Range: GLS / A-Lamps

Crompton Filament LED Clear GLS
Lamp Type Power Lumen Output Equivalent to Fittings Price
Crompton Dimmable Filament GLS,
Opal or Clear *
5W 470 lm 40W BC / ES £5.99
7.5W 806 lm 60W
Crompton Dimmable Opal GLS 17.5W 1521 lm 100W £7.99
BELL 4000K Cool White Opal GLS 7W 470 lm 40W £4.99
9W 810 lm 60W
18W 1600 lm 100W £5.99
Crompton 6500K Daylight Opal GLS 11/12W 1055 lm 75W
Crompton Sensor Opal GLS 9.5W 806 lm 60W £14.99

Our LED Lighting Range: Reflector Spotlights

Crompton LED R50 Spot
Lamp Type Power Lumen Output Equivalent to Fittings Price
Crompton R39 3.5W 150 lm 30W SES £4.99
Crompton R50 * 4.5W 200 lm 40W
Crompton R63 6.5W 300 lm 60W ES £5.99
Crompton R80 9.5W 450 lm 75W £7.99
Crompton PAR20 5.5W 330 lm 50W £8.99
Crompton PAR38 13W 830 lm 110W £14.99

Our LED Lighting Range: MR16 Spotlights

Crompton Glass LED GU10 MR16 Spot
Lamp Type Power Lumen Output Equivalent to Fittings Price
Glass MR16, 40° 3W 260 lm 35W GU10 £4.99
Glass MR16, 35° * 4.5W 340 lm 50W
MR16 (3000K Warm White) 5W 450 lm 60W £6.99
MR16 (4000K Cool White)
Dimmable MR16 (3000K Warm White) £8.99
Dimmable MR16 (4000K Cool White)
MR16s 10x Bulk Pack (3000K Warm White) 345 lm 50W £34.99
Long-Barrel MR16 3.5W 230 lm 35W £9.99
12V MR16 (3000K Warm White) 6W 330 lm 33W G5.3 £5.99
7W 500 lm 43W £6.99

Our LED Lighting Range: Miscellaneous

Crompton LED Antique Decorative Bronze Lamp
Lamp Type Power Lumen Output Equivalent to Fittings Price
Crompton 80mm Globe Lamps 7W 806 lm 60W BC / ES £11.99
Crompton 95mm Globe Lamps 9W 1055 lm 75W £17.99
Crompton Dimmable Decorative Filament Lamps (2200K Extra Warm White) * 5W 410 lm 35W £6.99
7.5W 638 lm 50W £7.99
Sign Lamp / Pygmy Bulb (3000K Warm White) 1.7W 160 lm 15W SES £4.99
G9 Capsule (Warm or Cool White available) 2.5W 210 lm 18W G9
12V G4 Capsule 2W 190 lm 20W G4
Palmlight (Warm or Cool White available) 6W 420 lm n/a GX53 £13.99