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Following clarification of the Government's restrictions on business as of 23 March, our classification as a 'home and hardware shop' means we are allowed to remain open subject to certain limitations (this document, end of page 3).

  • SANDHURST: at Kings DIY we pride ourselves on good customer service and on working together with our local community, and we hope to continue this during these difficult times by running a phone-and-collect service from Monday to Friday to help our locals get the essential items they need.  From 9 am to 1 pm we will be taking orders over the phone ready for collection starting from 1:30 pm.  We ask customers to arrive at the given time slot with their order number ready and plenty of free boot space.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any cutting, paint mixing or delivery services.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • TADLEY: this branch will remain open for the foreseeable future.  For the health of our staff and customers, in line with Government advice on social distancing, we are limiting entry to 4 customers in the shop at a time.
Category Icon LED Lighting

LED: Light Emitting Diode

Kings DIY offer a growing range of top-quality LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps, able to replace traditional tungsten, halogen, or compact fluorescent lamps for household illumination.  All of these lamps are 2700K Warm White unless stated otherwise.  * = Illustrated item.

Advantages of our new LED lamps include:

  • 80% to 90% energy saving compared to traditional lamps - uses the same energy as a compact fluorescent, or even less
  • Operational lifetimes of up to 25 years (based on 25,000 hours total, at an average 1,000 hours per year)
  • Instant activation - no need to wait for your lights to warm up
  • Elegant appearance - sizes and shapes comparable to traditional tungsten or halogen lamps

Our LED Lighting Range: Candles & Golf Balls

Crompton Filament LED Opal Candle
Lamp Type Power Lumen Output Equivalent to Fittings Price
BELL / TCP Golf Ball, Opal 4/5W 250/330 lm 25/30W BC / ES / SES £3.99
BELL / TCP Candle, Opal BC / ES / SBC / SES
BELL / TCP Candle, Clear
Crompton Dimmable Filament Golf Ball,
Opal or Clear
5W 470 lm 40W £5.99
Crompton Dimmable Filament Candle,
Opal * or Clear
Crompton 4000K Cool White Golf Ball, Opal BC / ES / SES £4.99
Crompton 4000K Cool White Candle, Opal

Our LED Lighting Range: GLS / A-Lamps

Crompton Filament LED Clear GLS
Lamp Type Power Lumen Output Equivalent to Fittings Price
Crompton Dimmable Filament GLS,
Opal or Clear *
5W 470 lm 40W BC / ES £5.99
7.5W 806 lm 60W
Crompton Dimmable Opal GLS 17.5W 1521 lm 100W £7.99
BELL 4000K Cool White Opal GLS 7W 470 lm 40W £4.99
9W 810 lm 60W
18W 1600 lm 100W £5.99
Crompton 6500K Daylight Opal GLS 11/12W 1055 lm 75W
Crompton Sensor Opal GLS 9.5W 806 lm 60W £14.99

Our LED Lighting Range: Reflector Spotlights

Crompton LED R50 Spot
Lamp Type Power Lumen Output Equivalent to Fittings Price
Crompton R39 3.5W 150 lm 30W SES £4.99
Crompton R50 * 4.5W 200 lm 40W
Crompton R63 6.5W 300 lm 60W ES £5.99
Crompton R80 9.5W 450 lm 75W £7.99
Crompton PAR20 5.5W 330 lm 50W £8.99
Crompton PAR38 13W 830 lm 110W £14.99

Our LED Lighting Range: MR16 Spotlights

Crompton Glass LED GU10 MR16 Spot
Lamp Type Power Lumen Output Equivalent to Fittings Price
Glass MR16, 40° 3W 260 lm 35W GU10 £4.99
Glass MR16, 35° * 4.5W 340 lm 50W
MR16 (3000K Warm White) 5W 450 lm 60W £6.99
MR16 (4000K Cool White)
Dimmable MR16 (3000K Warm White) £8.99
Dimmable MR16 (4000K Cool White)
MR16s 10x Bulk Pack (3000K Warm White) 345 lm 50W £34.99
Long-Barrel MR16 3.5W 230 lm 35W £9.99
12V MR16 (3000K Warm White) 6W 330 lm 33W G5.3 £5.99
7W 500 lm 43W £6.99

Our LED Lighting Range: Miscellaneous

Crompton LED Antique Decorative Bronze Lamp
Lamp Type Power Lumen Output Equivalent to Fittings Price
Crompton 80mm Globe Lamps 7W 806 lm 60W BC / ES £11.99
Crompton 95mm Globe Lamps 9W 1055 lm 75W £17.99
Crompton Dimmable Decorative Filament Lamps (2200K Extra Warm White) * 5W 410 lm 35W £6.99
7.5W 638 lm 50W £7.99
Sign Lamp / Pygmy Bulb (3000K Warm White) 1.7W 160 lm 15W SES £4.99
G9 Capsule (Warm or Cool White available) 2.5W 210 lm 18W G9
12V G4 Capsule 2W 190 lm 20W G4
Palmlight (Warm or Cool White available) 6W 420 lm n/a GX53 £13.99