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Bestway Baby Pool Bestway Rigid Pools Bestway Spaceship Pool Bestway Rectangular Family Pools
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  • 6' x 1'3": £12.99
  • 8' x 1'6": £19.99
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  • 8'6" x 5'9": £24.99
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Bestway Multi-Coloured Pool
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Bestway Multi-Coloured Pool While Stocks Last...

ClearWater Pool Maintenance Chemicals:
ClearWater pH Plus 1kg ClearWater Chlorine Granules 1kg ClearWater Multifunction Tablets 1kg ClearWater Pop-up Pool Floaters 2x
  • pH balance is important for comfort and enables chlorine treatment to work effectively
  • Disinfects pool and spa water to keep it free from bacteria
  • Individually wrapped 20g tablets: algaecide, clarifier and slow-release chlorine
  • Ideal for release in chemical floaters
  • Convenient, adjustable and sun-protected
  • Pre-filled with disinfectant and algaecide
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ClearWater Algaecide 1L ClearWater Clarifier 1L ClearWater Dip Test Strips 25x ClearWater Pool Starter Kit
  • Kills off algae in your pool
  • Prevents new growth
  • Helps keep your pool water clear and sparkling
  • For use with chlorine treatment
  • Contains: 500g pH Plus, 700g pH Minus, 500ml Algaecide, 500g Chlorine Granules, 25 Test Strips, Pool Treatment Guide
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