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Product Available Sizes
Duracell Plus Power Alkaline AAA / AA / C / D / 9V
Duracell Ultra Power Alkaline (with built-in tester)
Eveready Silver
GP Super Alkaline AAAA
Energiser Ultimate Lithium AAA / AA
Lloytron AccuDigital Rechargeable
Lloytron AccuUltra Rechargeable AAA / C
Uniross Rechargeable AA
Panasonic Evolta Rechargeable
Panasonic Infinium Rechargeable AA with D-Adapter
Plus a wide range of specialist batteries for watches, hearing aids, mobile phones, cameras, alarm systems etc - 6V square batteries, A23, N cell, LR44 / AG13, CR2016, CR2032, and many more (most 3V Lithium button cells £2.99 each)
Universal Battery Charger for sizes AAA to 9V
Battery Charger for sizes AAA to AA, inc. 4x AA batteries

Old Batteries?

You can leave your old batteries with us to be disposed of safely.   Battery Recycling

Battery Bulk Buys

16x Energizer Alkaline AAA 16x Energizer Alkaline AAA: £7.99

24x Energizer Alkaline AA 24x Energizer Alkaline AA: £9.99

5x +3x Free Duracell Alkaline AAA 5x +3x Free Duracell Alkaline AAA: £4.99

5x +3x Free Duracell Alkaline AA 5x +3x Free Duracell Alkaline AA: £4.99

6x Duracell Alkaline C 6x Duracell Alkaline C: £7.99

6x Duracell Alkaline D 6x Duracell Alkaline D: £7.99